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Powerhouse Gym Syracuse is a family-owned fitness center. Our mission is to help clients receive the positive, life-changing benefits of exercise. We want to help our clients change their lives, become healthy, and achieve the best mental & physical outcome possible. Personal trainers work hard to provide clients with the motivation, accountability, and guidance to meet their fitness goals. Our environment provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills as a personal trainer. Powerhouse Gym Syracuse Personal Trainers are independent contractors responsible for creating, teaching, and demonstrating a customized fitness program to our clients and surpassing their expectations and goals. Doing this service correctly requires the trainer to: 


  • Understand proper training techniques & components that create a quality training program customized to an individual or small group.

  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in fitness training ideas and philosophies.

  • Demonstrate or explain the basic movements necessary in a fitness program.

  • Serve clients in a professional, timely manner.

  • Pay attention to detail concerning fees, session tracking, spelling of client names, and exercise logging.

  • Use his/her knowledge to instill client confidence in every situation. This confidence is earned through educating the client about proper exercise form and program design.

  • Ask proper questions to determine the needs of the client and create a program design that exceeds the client’s expectations.

  • Communicate and accept responsibility, and to be accountable to owners regarding their training services.

  • Meet and exceed client satisfaction levels.

  • Stay current on industry trends and further their knowledge through outside education.

  • Maintain a positive, friendly attitude with clients at all times. 

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